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How to Find Yourself?

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Did you ever wake up in the morning and feel nothing like you’re dead inside? Like there is no purpose to live? Don’t let that stop you from living. Accept it. Take that as a challenge. This is your chance to be whom you want to be. Put away your fears — you can’t let them destroy you. Your fears can’t decide for you. You’re not weak. You’re not dependent. You have the power to make it or break it. Be the conqueror of your fears. Be the believer of your strengths. Be the achiever of your goals. Never give up just never give up.

Find your strengths, find yourself. Your journey towards success has just begun. At the point when you set out on this journey, you must know that it’s going to go down before it comes up. It won’t be easy. You’ll fall for a million times, don’t let that come in between you and your goals. You put your head up and strive — strive to be the unstoppable one. Fight them. You’re your voice. Be loud. Be a player.

Be your Hero

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You’re the hero of your own story and heroes never give up. But have you ever thought of the word ‘hero?’ What is the genuine meaning of a hero? Today, I’ll tell you how I perceive this word ‘hero’ in my head and my heart. To me, a hero is somebody who does not believe in giving up. Someone who believes in self-analysis. To me, the hero doesn’t have a gender, someone who wants to improve every single day, someone who chooses to work on him or herself every day to become a better person. An empath!

A person who feels the pain for others, to me, that person is a hero. A hero is someone who believes that without major losses, there are no major gains. A hero is someone who lives his or her life to the fullest and tries to reach out to people as much as possible. To be a hero is someone who accepts the flaws and tries to develop every day. A hero is somebody who doesn’t have time to judge other people. So if you think that you’ve all these qualities, yes, you’re the superhero of your own story. So be strong enough and bold enough to write your history and always remember, you don’t need to find a hero in your life, become one for yourself. Be your hero. Dream. Aim. Believe.

We are all Perfectly Imperfect

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I’ve met so many people who share their experiences, personal life stories, what they’ve been through, how broken they are. So the most perfect looking people were the most imperfect people — that is where I always say that you need to embrace all your imperfections because nobody is perfect.

Society wants us to be a certain way, but that’s not the only way. So how about accepting all our imperfections, and let’s think about those people who need our help. Those people who want to share their stories, but they’re too scared because in society they have this particular place where they’re considered to be the most perfect people.

We all are broken and we all need to embrace all those scars because our scars share the story of our survival. I’ve never seen anyone with an easy past. The people who are struggling even now are the people who are the strongest ones. And all I want to say is that if someone looks at you and says that you’re imperfect just say one thing, that you are perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly all right! Be proud of yourself.

Love Yourself

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We all try to find happiness in our social circle. We always try to surround ourselves with lots and lots of people just because we think that surrounding ourselves with people will make us happy. But that happens when you’re unhappy with yourself when you don’t know how to love your own company. So what happens is that when you surround yourself with a lot of people, they want you to change and then, you try hard to fit in. You change yourself, you try to fit in, but somehow or the other you are never good enough then, what should be done?

That is where you need to understand that you need to love yourself enough. You need to spend some time alone, you need to love yourself and learn to enjoy your own company because if you don’t love your company, nobody will. People who expect change from you, people who want you to change yourself are not your people because those people who are genuinely your people will never want you to change as they’ll accept you for who you are.

Everything Happens for a Reason

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“Everything happens for a reason” and we hear this sentence frequently that whatever transpires possibly it is fortunate or unfortunate we state that oh, you know what, everything happens for a reason, so unwind. But let’s say it again, everything happens for a reason whatever it is good or bad, maybe it’s not according to our plans, but it happens for a reason. When we say ‘everything’ we cannot pick and choose.

Some incidents in life happened to you, they probably break you, but they transform your soul. And all that happens because God wants you to become the best version of you. Incidents happen because life happens, but sometimes we are too busy expecting all the ease and comfort from life, and when some adversity comes we wonder why this has happened to us. The first question that comes to our mind is why me?

What I feel as per my experiences in life is that life was never supposed to be easy. Life is a test, life is trial and trials are never easy. So for what reason would we say we are expecting such a great amount of simplicity from life? It’s a journey which is full of obstacles and problems, but by the end of the day if we choose not to give up is what defines us.

Someone said somewhere and it’s a beautiful thing to remember always: “We are living a beautiful life that we always complain about, but someone somewhere in a hospital bed is dreaming to live a life that we are complaining about”.

So whatever you have in your life, all the miseries, sorrows just embrace it with all your heart and soul. And always remember that you’re blessed. You have so much to be grateful for and gratitude is the key. The person who is not bitter is a person who’s always grateful for what he has. So be grateful for what you have and you’ll always end up having more.

Do you Believe in the Power of Giving?

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Another important point to discuss is, “the secret of giving.” How many of you believe in the power of giving unconditionally? You can give in any form. It may be eatables, clothes, money, etc. But do you know how important it is to donate blood and how you can save someone’s life? Even one bottle of your blood can save someone’s life. And when you perform this deed, you will feel so happy and so fulfilled because you know that God has chosen you out of so many to save someone’s life. If you try to help someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return, remember, God has his ways of paying back and God never forgets.

Words have the Power to Heal

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When you have the chance to speak to people in any possible way, remind yourself that why should I tell people how broken I am, and what kind of challenges that I’ve faced so far in life? It’s not going to help anyone and that self-doubt is something that we all fall prey to.

You need to realize that maybe you won’t be able to inspire or motivate a large number of people, but maybe God wants you to be there to inspire just one person. And who’s that one person? God knows.

When there are so many adversities and hardships in your life, it’s you who can decide what you want in your life and what you want from you in your life. And how out of adversity you can find and create an opportunity. The problems that we consider as big, those problems never existed and they were just in your head. Truth be told, words have the power to heal; choose wisely. All I want to say is that we all have hardships, we all have adversities and problems in life, but don’t let those hardships define you. Be strong and live your life.

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