Why the Word, “Love” is Acknowledged as a Crime in our so-called Society?

What is Love for Me?

I think love is inside you. It’s not defined by others. It’s not about loving XYZ. Love is something within you. Either you have that strength or not, it’s not dependent on another person. It’s your capacity to love. You never have to plan love because it happens naturally, and it needs a balance, and to resonate with you. I know love happens. You should love others, but first, you have to love yourself.

But here, in this article, my focus will be on how elders’ should react when their children express their feelings to them and what advancements have come in this word ‘love.’


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It is a modern generation and many decades have passed in acknowledging this feeling like a crime. Parents should believe in their children and give them confidence that they are with them if their decision is right. Youngers are meant to make mistakes and the elders are the ones who make their mistakes right. Parents should give their younger ones enough space so that they can frame that thing into right or wrong. From my view, it is natural. Every person living in this world has the right to love or like someone.


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So, talking about this word, ‘love’ it is also victimized by societies’ stereotypes. It is an emotion that is under natural control. Living in a world where every inch of its is layered with typical minds is rather an arduous task to change minds and spread awareness. In my point of view, changing thoughts for this love thing is also an act of spreading awareness which will prevent further disagreements between relationships.

This single word also led to many vast disagreements between relations which lasts for such a long time. But an important word comes here “disagreements”- these are only caused when we lack in understanding the person in front of us. The 3 alarming emotions that suddenly attacks a person when he/she heard a piece of news that their child is in love with someone are ego, anger and stubbornness.

Why Parents Oppose their Children?

Why Parents Oppose their Children?
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Parents oppose because they think that their children are not that mature to take decisions for their lives. Though, in this Digital Era, we all become very precise about our do’s and don’ts. Secondly, they might want to take advantage of praise that they have chosen life partners for their daughter or son. But everyone should be proud of their kids that they are wise enough if they present their choices and asking for your opinion.

Give Confidence

give confidence
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Here is the question which gives children confidence that their parents value their choice:

“Is there anyone in your life or do you like someone?” This question shows them that their choices and decisions matter to the elders. Nowadays, youngsters’ and their opinions’ changed from the past. Modern culture is widespread and being in that culture is a thing of admiration for youngsters. For example, your child tells you that he loves someone and by chance, you know the person he loves. So, if there is nothing wrong with that person, then you should give importance to your child’s choice and consider the matter. If not, then have a logical, smooth and clear discussion by maintaining a peaceful environment.

How to Cope with this Situation Calmly?

How to Cope with this Situation Calmly?
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So my point here is that this is the situation, exactly this is the situation when there is an essential need to act in a calm manner and understand the person! Mostly I have seen in my surroundings that when people heard news like that they start acting abnormally, or not in a human manner. Remember, your actions cause you pain. Though pain is inevitable. Suffering is always completely optional. Know where to stop.


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Elders’ don’t understand that it’s a natural human thing which requires a peaceful discussion. You need to respect others’ perception so, here is the thing. When you respect your child’s emotions and perceptions in return I’m sure they will respect your decisions and give importance to you.

The rebellious behaviour; this happens when you act abnormally like slapping your child. In return, what happens? They rebels. They go against you. They disrespect you.

It’s a human reaction which happens when you act in a manner that deviates from what is normal.


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Love; before entering the doors of this feeling, a question arises in every young mind: “what will be the reaction of my parents?” This sentence pressurized them to hide their feelings.

Education is given to end up the word ‘ignorance.’ The reaction which we present in a tray to our children when they express their feelings in front of us is a sign of deep ignorance.

In this case, the difference between the educated and uneducated is determined by their reaction. The reaction at that time defines how wise you are.


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This is a high-strung situation, either you handle it carefully and think before you speak and react or you will lose everything that is yours, emotionally. Be a wise changer!

Clothe yourself with wise strength, dignity and righteous acceptance.

In the end, we are all just stories. Write yours wisely that actually represents you.

Remember, the greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail.

Mark Zuckerberg

Don’t be afraid of losing. Losing is a small path in a road which leads you to your destination. Be brave. Own your mistakes, your flaws and then, the universe will guide you.

Change the mind-setting game!

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