It’s all going to be alright!


Times are temporary

When time seems hard-hitting it looks like it will never end. But the times are temporary even good n bad. There’s happiness even knowing, that everything will not last a long time. Remember that storms don’t last forever. We shouldn’t ignore truths for temporary happiness. Ignoring realities and truths can lead you to a disastrous situation.

Nothing is permanent in life. If things are going well, be entertained and enjoy because they won’t be elongated. Even if things are getting worse, don’t make it a headache, it can’t last forever either.

Tomorrow Is Waiting For You

We forget the fact that nothing will be permanent. I mean, yeah ok, it crosses our minds once in a while. We might do something difficult and out of our comfort zone, but when that moment passes, it gets stored away in the back of our minds. Then we continue living our lives as if there were plenty of tomorrows waiting for us. We delay frame of mind, moods, mental state, and words to another day, another week, another month, another year. Nothing will stay a long time. Forever is an empty promise.

Bad does not Last Forever

If you are going through bad times don’t panic because fear doesn’t stop death it stops life. Don’t become attached to people, scenery, thoughts, and emotions. Just flow with it. Keep in mind that life is short. 80% of things are impermanent, so live accordingly.

Say to Yourself,

“I’m a bright and dazzling being. I can achieve everything. Everything always works out splendidly for me. I live an enchanted life. Things are always good for me. Seas part for me. I have the possessions of the universe at my disposal. Good things originate from me.

Be Hopeful for the Good

If I’m sick it’s temporary because it’s normal that I will be well. Also, if I’m not abundant in things that are important to me, it’s temporary because it’s expected that I will be abundant. Your mind is a magnet and it attracts what you think so, always consider good to happen.”

Once you understand this fact, your fear will be dissolved.

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