Whatever is happening all around in the world, it just makes me sad. The last three months have exposed the worst of humankind because you see humans but no kindness. I used to think that maybe this pandemic (COVID-19) teaches us a lesson about kindness, empathy, and compassion but whatever is happening around us is just bleak. But by the end of the day, the world will know that empathy, kindness, compassion, and love is the answer.

So stay strong; I know it’s not easy. In times like these, when we are physically weak and emotionally shattered, spiritual strength gives us this insight to look forward to whatever comes our way. And now is the time we all make ourselves spiritually strong. Reach out to people and help them in these difficult days. And remember, it’s not about how much you’re giving, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about how much love your heart carries when you’re giving something to someone.

Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

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So we’re going to talk about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Let’s guide ourselves about whether these are the same, and if they’re different, how are they different?

Wisdom is the name of practice and action. It’s not knowledge. Let’s discuss an easy side of wisdom to make it facile for all of us to understand. Knowledge tells us what to say like if we are talking about something, it tells us to say it or speak it, but wisdom tells us when to say it. Knowledge is information, whereas wisdom is understanding and applying that knowledge. This thing in between what to say and when to say — when we join this together, this is wisdom.

It’s truly said by Waqar Faiz, “Knowledge without practice and wisdom is nothing but a veil between you and Him!”

When we seek knowledge without wisdom, it’s nothing except misdeed. Knowledge without wisdom makes us think like, I know everything, and they know nothing, I’m everything. Even though they are saying right, we try to falsify them for self-satisfaction.

Wisdom is the name of hiding what you know to make others feel happy. On the other hand, knowledge is just speaking what you know. So basically, wisdom teaches you to absorb what you know. It makes your heart so much bigger, as if the entire sea is filled in it even than you have much more space.

Where do We Seek Wisdom?

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So the point here is knowledge is widespread. Everyone has it. So if everyone has enough knowledge, why is there too much bad around us? It’s because we know, but neither we have wisdom nor practice it.

Knowledge and wisdom cannot be the same because knowledge tells you what to say, and wisdom tells you when to say it. And then, knowledge talks about the tangible — things you can see, but wisdom tells you about the intangible things — the unseen world. Knowledge is loud; wisdom is polite. You become silent when you have understanding. You’re not a loud person anymore. Wisdom expands your heart where you learn to absorb things, whereas knowledge keeps telling you to say whatever you have.

Wisdom tells you to stay quiet and suck up as much as possible. And last but not least, knowledge tells you about creation, whereas wisdom leads you towards the creator. So these two things are never the same. We tend to seek knowledge so much that we forget that knowledge brings pride to us at specific points. It causes more harm. So instead of running towards gaining more knowledge, let’s seek wisdom. Remember, God has planted the seeds of wisdom in all of us, so be willing to find it and water it to be the best human being on the face of this Earth.

How Can We Empower Our Souls?

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So yes, if you think you’re emotionally, physically, and psychologically weak, you must make yourself spiritually strong. Let’s try to keep ourselves sane when negativity is all around us.

Here are some ways to make ourselves spiritually strong:

  1. Take responsibility for your successes and failures.
  2. Don’t hold on to grudges, and be quick to forgive.
  3. Take deep care of the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed.
  4. Maintain your childlike sense of wonder.
  5. Maintain the balance between worldly gains and spiritual pursuits. And be wary of the dangers of excess, yet you have an abundance mindset.
  6. Be a grateful person.
  7. Cultivate a little solitude.
  8. Keep your priorities straight.
  9. Exercise your power of choice.

5 Pieces of Wisdom that Will Change the Way You Work

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Wisdom is the knowledge that matters; it has both practical and moral components that enrich our lives and inspires us to act wisely. Since the way to innovativeness is brimming with vulnerability, dread, and uncertainty, we usually look for the intelligence of others to shield us from moving. Here are five gems of wisdom to practice in our lives:

Ship and don’t look back

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What you’re feeling is what everybody feels. Begin something new immediately and don’t look back.

Practice “becoming”

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What I needed to let you know would not take long, namely: practicing any art, music, drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, fiction, essays, or reporting, no matter how well or badly, don’t get money and fame, but experience and find what is inside you. This will cause your spirit to develop.

Keep things in context

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“Stop whatever you’re accomplishing for a second and solicit yourself: Am I terrified of death since I won’t have the option to do this any longer?” — Marcus Aurelius.

This statement should promptly prevent wasting your most valuable asset: time.

Creativity as both a lifestyle and career is audacious but rewarding. To love what we do while being satisfied monetarily and genuinely is a desire and challenge for some. That desire can turn into a reality, yet it takes exceedingly difficult work, commitment, some luck, and time. This is why we must be reminded daily of what’s essential and fully commit to the actions that yield meaningful progress.

Build your solid routine

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Think about how your day is structured and what you do versus what you need to do. It can be getting up ahead of schedule, working for a considerable time, and afterward taking a walk; you have to discover a rhythm — your rhythm. When you do a solid daily practice, you save your willpower for the stuff that matters.

This discipline and customized schedule will assist you in drawing out your best work. To place your hours in conscious and centered practice and figure out how to take on a steady speed, you don’t consume yourself for some fake privileged identification that shows you worked eight hours in a row.

Routines will occasionally change because of conditions. You have a routine that builds the necessary habits to develop your creativity and mind and ultimately do the work.


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It isn’t your business to decide how great something is or how it contrasts with different articulations. It is your business to keep yourself understood and immediate, just as open and aware of the urges that motivate you. There is no fulfillment whenever; there is just an eccentric heavenly disappointment, a popular agitation that keeps us walking and makes us more alive than the others.

How About You?

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What wisdom has changed how you lead your life and accomplish your work?

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