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Women's economic empowerment

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Do not hold back women’s economic empowerment, let them thrive and take the economy to the success ladder. Let’s change the world by empowering women to achieve prosperity and peace. Economic Empowerment Investing in women’s eco-empowerment sets an immediate way towards gender equality, destitution destruction and comprehensive financial development. Women make enormous contributions to economies, …

Chunks for a pragmatic life

Chunks for a Pragmatic Life

Do Everything Whole Heartedly If you are putting yourself for something like if you give towards something then do it by your heart otherwise not. That’s the thing. I think whatever you do in your life there should be a balance and will. Confidence I think in girls the most important thing is to instil …

Breaking the STEREOTYPES

Breaking the Stereotypes

Myself I’m a girl who loves all sports, and I want to challenge myself just the way my father used to challenge or question himself. Because my parents never raised me as this is a girl or he is a boy. They were like these are our kids. They should expose to all activities, all …