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The direction towards a real life

The Direction Towards a Real Life

Accept the reality even if it incinerates, it’s all up to you. Chose the way that leads you to the the reality of life! Be Aware Live in a way that you should be mentally satisfied than a mature person. Just let things go and be aware. You should know your values, your deadlines, and …

Everything is just timely!

Everything is just Timely!

It’s all going to be alright! Impermanence When time seems hard-hitting it looks like it will never end. But the times are temporary even good n bad. There’s happiness even knowing, that everything will not last a long time. Remember that storms don’t last forever. We shouldn’t ignore truths for temporary happiness. Ignoring realities and …

light bulb
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What if the light bulb was the cure to racism and classism? Here me out: Are you aware of what is common between people and light bulbs? They both express as different colors, have different shapes and different sizes. They are manufactured in different places. Some of us are sparkling, some hazy, some vibrant, and …

Chunks for a pragmatic life

Chunks for a Pragmatic Life

Do Everything Whole Heartedly If you are putting yourself for something like if you give towards something then do it by your heart otherwise not. That’s the thing. I think whatever you do in your life there should be a balance and will. Confidence I think in girls the most important thing is to instil …

Breaking the STEREOTYPES

Breaking the Stereotypes

Myself I’m a girl who loves all sports, and I want to challenge myself just the way my father used to challenge or question himself. Because my parents never raised me as this is a girl or he is a boy. They were like these are our kids. They should expose to all activities, all …

Perfectly Imperfect!

Perfectly Imperfect!

“One of the basic rules of the universe is that ‘nothing is perfect.’ Perfection simply does not exist. Without perfection, neither you nor I would exist.” — Stephen Hawking I am writing about something in particular that I really feel strongly about and I think that we do not really talk about much because it …