If you’re constantly using your phone, here’s a piece of really bad news,

“It’s increasing your anxiety.”

We also know that often people check their phones because it makes them feel busy. Because we can’t do two things at one time. You can never reach your target until you do multiple things at once.

You can start one thing then, quickly flick to the other one, promptly flick back, quickly flick back, and then you get home, and you’ve just got to calm yourself back down.

Think of Yourself

Think of Yourself
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If you’ve ever finished a day and felt like your brain is like cotton wool, all those times, you think to yourself, “Now, where was I up to again?”

All those moments when you think to yourself, “I went to bed, I thought I got a great night’s sleep, and I’ve woken up, and my head is just a little foggy.”

You don’t have space to settle down; all those synapses and neuro-systems are on a hyperdrive as they are trying to process things.

So, the problem with multitasking is you’re actually micro-tasking and wearing yourself out. While busy doing something, you don’t have space to be innovative and creative.

What we see is often we say things like,” A goldfish only concentrate for 9 seconds.” Here’s the bad news. The data study says that we can concentrate for only 8 seconds.


Why is it Frightening?

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Because in 8 seconds, you can’t do anything. That’s creative; you can’t have that innovative thinking. If data is telling us that it’s only 8 seconds, even if you can concentrate for a minute or two, you will be better off.

This is just a case of practice; when you notice yourself being distracted, bring yourself back.

What happens if you actually just turn your phone off? Here is the thing.

Try setting your timer for 20 minutes and have a fixed mindset that I will not have a break for the next 20 minutes.

You’ll be surprised how your brain starts to fire, how your deep thinking comes out, and you’ll find solutions you never thought possible.

You’ll be astonished by how much you get done. So are you ready to practice this therapy for inner peace?

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