Respect Yourself

We do have a problem, and that is, the most important relationship we have with ourselves in our lives and we are not taught about it. Have you ever been taught how to look after yourselves using self-care? Can we enrich the lives that make us happier, combat our insecurities and enable us to reach our full potential?

There is a time in everyone’s life when you hate yourself because you can’t get those years back of self-loathing, calorie obsession, and jealousy. For example, have you ever blamed your body?

The thing is, body image is not only associated with teenage girls but also with men and boys.

You should start the journey of self-love, move forward, and decide for yourself to use that experience to gain a better understanding of the relationship you have with your body and yourself. Thus, by practicing self-care, you will be able to change your life.

Are You Meant to be a Perfect Image?

Why is it that we feel this insecurity in the first place?

Because we have been conditioned to believe from a very young age that our accomplishments and satisfaction are highly dependent on our attractiveness. Think about all the princes and princesses you saw slim and tall with proportional features because if you are insecure, then you are a motivated consumer.

Are you meant to be a perfect image?
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Eating Disorders and Mentality

Eating disorders and mental health can affect anyone, at any age, at any time.

The National Eating Disorders Association of the US started a project called “The body project,” which is the first scientifically proven course to help prevent eating disorders in young people. The reason why this seems shallow to someone is that there are some shocking statistics out there.

Did you know that a teenage girl is 12 times more likely to die from an eating disorder than any other illness? There are 30 million or more people in the US alone that have an eating disorder. Surprisingly, every 62 minutes, at least one person dies as a direct result of an eating disorder which has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Adding to it, 90% of all children who die from suicide have a mental health condition.

Social media is deeply linked to us in a drastic way
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Social Media is Deeply Linked to Us in a Drastic Way

It’s crazy these days. We have so many pressures, and now we have social media. With its rise, we literally have a weapon of mass destruction to our self-esteem 24/7. Nowadays, everyone had to consume social media. Did you ever lose one, two, or maybe even three hours of your life deep in someone’s profile? Remember, it is a scary thing and social media is a curated, filtered, often air-brushed, and sometimes even lifestyle illusion. That’s why we need to be taught how to take care of ourselves, mentally, physically, and emotionally as well as being able to cope with these pressures.

The chain of cyber-bullying

The Chain of Cyber-bullying

As I mentioned above, social media is advancing and growing like a whirlwind and the pressure is only getting worse.

A majority of teenagers had mentioned that they have been cyber-bullied. You should know that if someone says nasty about you, it is a reflection of how they are feeling inside.

That is also the part of self-care because the bullies are just putting the insecurities that they have onto you. So we need to educate people, victims, and the bullies to stop this from happening.

Perfection is not required
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Perfection is Not Required

What are the sacrifices and costs you pay to try and achieve an attractive body?

Remember, that it is so detrimental to your mental and physical health. And guess what? Who wins this battle? The brands, the magazines, and the pharmaceutical industries. And who loses? We lose.

Having a look at today’s world, many guys now are going to the gym and they are even abusing steroids because maybe their selfies would get more likes if they had a six-pack of abs. As a result, we need to embrace our bodies and stop trying to attain perfection because we are good enough already. Try to start redefining the beauty ideal!

Praise yourself and your body every day
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Praise Yourself & Your Body Every day

I have a task.

Chose five things that you love and appreciate about yourself. For example, you might be creative, hard-working, intelligent, or independent. When you praise, you start feeling proud of yourself.

Keep in mind that your body is an incredible thing. Praise it like: ‘your hands,’ they are an incredible thing. You are able to be a seamstress and provide for your family. You should love your legs as they help you to run anywhere you want which calms you down and makes you happy.’ Then you will be able to start valuing and will be proud of yourself. Be grateful for a healthy life.

What to Do When Someone Knocks You Down?

Ignore it, block it, delete it, report it or act like it never happened, it’s simple!

You should empower yourself and convert the negatives into positives. Start investing in yourself right now because it’s never too late. If you learn self-care and practice it, you can then gift self-care to yourself.

What to do when someone knocks you down?
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Encourage Others’

When you start practicing self-care and self-praise, it will not only encourage you but the people around you will also get inspiration. Furthermore, when someone does something because of you, it will be life-changing for you, and you have never felt so purposeful and filled with hope. Build and empower each other.

Lovingly speak to your body; it’s the only one you got; it’s your home, and it deserves your respect. If you visually perceive anyone tearing themselves down, build them back up and watch your life positively grow when you give up the pursuit of perfection because the authentic resplendency ideal is being imperfectly you!

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