Embrace the Beauty of Perfect Imperfections

We have this thing in our minds; we call it ‘perfection.’ We want everything perfect. We want ourselves to be perfect. There is this image in our head about everything – perfect life, perfect relationships, perfect career, perfect amount of money that we need to earn, no matter what.

Nothing is perfect in this world. We all are perfectly imperfect, and that is perfectly all right. We are sent here not to become the perfect people. Those individuals who disclose to you how to look great, even those individuals, are flawed. Attempt to battle this dread of looking flawed.

Just flawless eyes can and will see that. So honestly, in each one of those defects, you need to tune in to your heart. You don’t have to look good for people. You don’t need to be impeccable because others want you to be perfect. If your spirit is impeccable from the inside, that is fine. This is all that you want. This is all that you need to be.

Our society has made bizarre kinds of norms to look perfect and excellent. For men, it’s different; for women, it’s different. We overthink what people say. We listen to ourselves too little. Do you know what makes you perfect? When you make someone smile. Do you know what makes you perfect? When you try to do something good for the people around you. Do you know what makes you perfect? When you feel someone’s pain and how beautiful is the pain that connects you with people. No different methods can associate with others, yet pain. So recollect, at whatever point you are in pain, it is a surprisingly healthy development.

Be the lightning, as solid and strong as lightning. For people, we are all imperfect. And these imperfections are excellent; be grateful for them & connect with people.

So why are we all running after being perfect? What is the point?

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Gratitude is Self-help. It’s a Daily Choice.

Understand that genuine joy doesn’t lie in success, money, or fame. Instead, true happiness lies in gratitude. So, let’s start the gratitude story. We can smile all the time, but we also cry when no one sees us because we are human and have to keep our balance to stabilize ourselves.

Sometimes we are too busy thinking about the things we don’t have that we forget to appreciate our blessings. So smile all day, all the time, because when you smile, it will make people smile. That will keep you going. Be grateful for what you have, and you’ll always, always, end up having more. But if you’ll cry, if you’ll find crip for little things that you don’t have or the things that you’ve lost, you’ll never have enough. So remember that never giving up is the way to live, always.

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Start Counting Your Blessings; There are so so many – Live Them

I always say that people are so lucky they don’t even realize — you must be thinking: okay, you’re lucky in what sense? Well! The breath that you just took was a blessing. Embrace it. Many people in the world dream of living the life you’re living right now. You have no idea. Embrace each breath that you’re taking. Celebrate your life. Live it. Don’t die before your death.

We live this one routine of a day for 75 years — maybe less or more, and we call it life. No, that’s not life. If you’re still thinking about why you’ve been sent here or juggling with the concept of why you were here, you haven’t lived yet. You work hard; you earn money; you do it for yourself. That’s not life.

You go out. You look for individuals who need your assistance, and you improve their lives. You become that wipe that can ingest all the antagonism, and you become that individual who can radiate lovely positive vibes. And when you realize that you’ve changed someone’s life because of you, this person didn’t give up. That is the day when you live. Always.

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Extract the “Giving-up” Fog from Your Brain

It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to cry. All is well. However, surrendering must not be an alternative. They generally state that disappointment isn’t an alternative. Failure ought to be a choice since when you fall flat, you get up, and afterward, you come up short, and then, you get up, which propels you up. This is how humans are strong. A failure is an option; it should be an option; however, surrendering isn’t. Never.

Our perfectly imperfect life made us who and what we are today. Our entirely blemished life made us who and what we are today. Inquest for your fantasies and desires if you accept that your life is troublesome, and you should surrender it since you acknowledge that your life is unfair. Reconsider. Because when you think that way, you are unjust to yourself. It would be ideal if you note that the problems or issues are not huge; we are too little since we can’t deal with them.

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Stop Overcomplicating Your Life

You know what, we human beings have a problem. Out of many issues, there is one more, and this is a self-created one — we always expect ease from life. We have this amazing fantasy about life. This is how things should work. This is my plan. It should go as per my plan. And if that doesn’t happen, we give up. So let me tell you one thing: we always aspire to do bigger things, but we have no idea that we have to pay the price. It’s a hefty price.

This life is a test and a trial that is never supposed to be easy. So when you’re expecting ease from life, life gives you lemons, and you make the lemonade, and then don’t blame life for that because you were expecting relief from a trial. The trial makes a stronger, better person every time you realize that. Moreover, stop worrying about the things you’ve lost, the people you’ve lost. Things and people that are meant to be with you are with you. And sometimes, somebody’s absence makes you a better person. Cherish their absence. It’s always, always a blessing in disguise.

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Success is Inversely Proportional to a Single ‘You’

You all are thriving in your careers. You have bigger dreams and aspirations in life. Remember one thing: “on the road to success, there is always we, not me.” Don’t think that you alone can achieve this. No! There is always another person standing behind you, maybe not coming on the forefront but behind you but praying for you and supporting you. Never lose that person. Never!

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Final Words

So, I’ll end this on a concise note. Live your life fully. Accept yourself the way you are. Be kind to yourself. I’ll repeat, be kind to yourself. And only then you can be kind to others. Love yourself and spread that love.

Life will be hard, and there will be turmoil and trials, but that will only make you stronger. Never give up. Real happiness doesn’t lie in money, success, or fame — real happiness lies in gratitude. So, be grateful. Be alive and live every moment.

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