There are always turning points in your life. There is always a rebirth day that we celebrate, where you’ll be completely different. So till that point, you’ve to talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you cannot wait for a miracle to come and heal you. You cannot just barely sit in a corner crying, cribbing, and begging for mercy because nobody has time.

You have to accept yourself the way you are. The sooner, the better. You have to feel perfect from within and decide to live life for yourself. Don’t be that perfect person for someone. Just take a moment and make it perfect for yourself. And you know how it will all begin? Decide to fight your fears.

Deactivate Your Fear

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We all have fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of known. Fear of losing people. Fear of losing help. We want to excel in our careers. Some of us want to become famous. We want to get money. We are scared all the time.

I think one of the mutual fears we all have is facing people. We might hide from people. Do you know why? Because we couldn’t stand that sympathy they have for us in their eyes when we are in pain. Mostly when suffering pain, if we smile, people are like: you’re smiling, are you okay? And we get tired of this question being asked. But the fact is that they seem really cute questions when we overcome what we are going through. So overcome your fears, write them down, one by one and decide to defeat one fear at a time because it’s all right!

Another painful or fearful thing for many is the lack of acceptance. People think they will not be accepted because we are imperfect in the world of perfect people. Don’t let people use you for their businesses if you want to make a difference. So when you acknowledge how you are, the world remembers you. Everything begins from inside.

The Amazing Power of Healing

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I believe in the intensity, value, and power of words. The words can make you, break you. They can mend your spirit. They can damage you forever. So, I always try to use positive words in my writings.

They call it adversity; I call it opportunity. They call it weakness; I call it strength. Always remember that everyone is differently able; no one is the same. They see my inabilities; I see my abilities. Some incidents in your life are so strong that they change your DNA. Those incidents are so strong that they break you but transform your soul. Those incidents tear you apart, but they mold you into the best version of you. Somebody has rightly said that once you share your story and it doesn’t make you cry, you’re healed.

Emotional Turmoils

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There comes the point in our lives that we feel devastated. We ask ourselves, why me? And that is where we started to question why I am even alive. What’s the point of living? We all try to chase this tunnel. We all do this because we see the light at the end of the tunnel, which keeps us going. But maybe in some situations, there was a tunnel where you had to roll on, but there was no light, and that is where you’ll realize that the words have the power to heal the soul.

Remember that everything shall pass. God has a greater plan for you. We don’t know what it is, but He surely has. And amidst all the grief and distress, somehow or the other two words were so magical that they kept us going. We all try to put that smile on our faces that hides the pain behind it, which was so hard. But the thing to keep reminding yourself is that don’t give up. So think positive, play hard, and live hard as hard work pays off.

Turning Adversity into Positivity

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Everyone has an untold story of constant pain, persistent effort, and determination. Some people in the world fight an unseen battle within themselves 24/7, with a big smile. They never cry, they never crib, they never whine. I call such people warriors. Because these people know the art of living life, they are way better than those who just exist in the world.

Sometimes you are in severe pain psychologically or mentally that you don’t have words to describe. And in those difficult times, many people left, even the closed ones. The ones who were supposed to stay with you were the ones who left you when you needed them the most. You feel devastated. Life seems completely pointless, aimless, and colorless. You didn’t want to live.

But here is the thing, you need to realize that instead of crying for the people who were not meant to be with you, you have to live for yourself and those around you who want to see you alive. You have so much to be grateful for. So let’s stop cribbing, stop whining because it’s pointless.

Learn the Art of Self-Therapy

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In these hurtful situations, give yourself therapy which comes in various forms like painting. And yes, it will not just be therapy or an art piece. It will be your therapy. What a fantastic therapy and a beautiful medium it is; without uttering a single word, you can paint your heart out; you express yourself. People may say what a lovely painting it is, but no one can see its grief. Only you could. What a beautiful escape it is. So don’t neglect your power.

Find the art that adds colors to your colorless life. And then, that adversity will help you explore the person in you and keep you alive throughout the journey. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to accept yourself the way you are.

Closing Words

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Your imperfections are your medals, wear them with pride. You know when you think your glass is half-empty, come on, your glass is half-full. It’s all in your mind and heart. Lastly, believe in yourself even when you’re entirely on the verge of despair where everybody left.

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I know it’s hard, it’s very hard, but know that it’s not impossible. Remember, this too shall pass. God has a bigger plan, and one day, you will say: Oh my God, that is why God has chosen me. There will be haters, there will be naysayers, there will be disbelievers, and then there will be you proving them wrong! So stay strong and make yourself your priority.

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