“One of the basic rules of the universe is that ‘nothing is perfect.’ Perfection simply does not exist. Without perfection, neither you nor I would exist.” — Stephen Hawking

I am writing about something in particular that I feel strongly about. And I think we do not talk about much because it is proscription.

What is Emotional Turmoil?

What is emotional turmoil?

It is ok not to be ok sometimes. Emotions are a spectrum. They are a whole palette; you must experience and enjoy each thing on that platter. There are times when you feel sad and go through turmoil, but always remember that it will get better.

Emotional turmoil is something that many people experience, not those with just borderline personality syndrome or any other personality, this is prevalent for all individuals. An emotional turmoil is when you feel all the emotions are overcoming you and overpowering you.

It’s like you are standing in an ocean, and a wave is about to hit you, but when we talk about emotional turmoil, we are not talking about a wave; we are talking about a tsunami! It hits you with extreme power, and you feel like you can’t get out from under it. You feel stuck, trapped, overwhelmed, and powerless, but it is really important to recognize that there are things that you can do to help yourself.

Expectations Are Wrong

When you are going through a hard time, expecting people to understand what you are going through is not going to help. It’s not about somebody else; that is what you need to recognize because everyone is going through something at some level. It could be a different problem, but nobody has a ‘life perfect.’ And if you are going through something, you have the sole and the most responsibility to be there for yourself, care for yourself and be better.

When people tell you to stop thinking about it, get over it – it is not one thing you are thinking about. It is not like, at 2 a.m or at a specific time, you suddenly feel sad. It can be in the morning when you are in class or meeting people. Even though you are smiling from the outside but the inside, you feel really, really devastated for no particular reason.

You might get anxiety attacks or panic attacks, and at the time, people might be thinking that you were enjoying it, but it was arduous! Depression is not because something has happened in your life; it is not always because of one specific reason.

You would cry for yourself to sleep every night, wish you could go back in time and get your life back and be a human again because suddenly you do not have a margin to be human anymore. You were just an object on which everybody had the right to comment. But it is part of reality, and everyone feels like that at one point in their lives.

Positive attitude

Have a positive attitude and be sure of yourself and your happiness. So what I want to let people know is that have faith in yourself; you should love yourself before loving anyone else. You should be sure of your worth, and your satisfaction means everything. You know if you are not happy with yourself, nothing in the world will ever make you happy!

In any situation, you have two options either you can sulk over it and cry, or you could face it with a smile and think about possible solutions because the thing, either good or bad, will never last long. If you think you are doing well in a really good space, that’s not going to last forever either. So if you positively face the hard times and overcome them, they don’t seem as big anymore when you look back at that thing.

An Important Element: ‘Bullying’

For the people who love bullying others’, I think we all need to be cautious and responsible with the words we choose because everything has an effect. All the words that we say are not isolated. Whatever we do with somebody somehow comes back to us as well because, according to stats, 80% of people have experienced bullying in some form. It’s not like there are only 20% of bullies in the world; you know that 80% who get bullied are also bullied so it is a cycle.

Let’s break out of that cycle. We should be more responsible with the words we choose to express ourselves, how we describe others, how we see ourselves, and how we see others. To remember, everything somehow comes back, and everything has a domino effect!


Everyone has struggles, and just because somebody’s life seems easy, happy, and satisfying does not necessarily mean it is the truth.

I learned many lessons from the people who supported me, but mainly from those who decided to bail out and hated on me for no reason, tried to bring me down, and always tried to find out some flaws. I think I owe it to them the most because they are the ones who make me realize my self-worth even more.

Fortune cookie, “It only gets better when you get better”

That makes sense. The change that has to come from within you, that satisfaction will never come from things outside of you. Only if you love yourself and you are happy, you’ll know your own worth.

You can get all the materialistic things in the world and all the success, but what is a success? The number of likes you get on your Instagram, the number of views you get on a video, the grades you achieve, or the amount of money you have in your bank account? I do not think so because success is feeling happy from within. You have to promise yourself to be happy every time and keep smiling as it was said that ‘happiest girls are the prettiest.’

So I would like to conclude that we are all perfect in our own imperfections and our imperfections make us unique. We don’t have to be like anybody else, we just have to be like ourselves, and that’s what will keep us unique, happy, and self-satisfied.

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