What Stops You From Achieving Success?

  • Fear
  • Obstacles
  • Lack of motivation

No matter what your reason was; the processing of the decision starts in your mind. For example, here is a situation,

‘If someone calls you on the stage in front of thousands of people and you are unaware of what you are called for.’

In a fraction of a second, thoughts have started flooding into your mind. That little voice inside your head would have commenced verbalizing with you and maybe for some of you, it was like, “what is he/she getting us to do? I don’t wanna go up there.” And then, maybe some other people might be doing things like “I don’t want to do this, look away, avoiding eye contact, so that he/she won’t pick me up!”

What happened here actually? Fear, doubts, and worry just flooded through you at the prospect of going on the stage in front of so many people and it is what demonstrates the power of your mind.

The Impact of the Mind on Your Actions

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The fact, that what is going on in your head has such a huge impact on the actions that you take, the decisions you make, and the thing that you experience. It’s not just in silly situations as mentioned above, there are many times when people miss out on amazing opportunities just because of what is going on in their heads.

Don’t Let Your Mind Imprison You!

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People make bad decisions based on a really bad frame of mind.

You know, that kind of self-limiting thoughts like: “I can’t do that,” “I am not good enough,” or “I don’t have the time or money.” Or maybe it’s that you think: “I can’t be bothered; I will just do it tomorrow.” But then you never do it and so these wonderful ideas and incredible potentials stay locked up inside your fearful mind.

How to Deal With the Unknown Part of You?

There are times when you crumble, can be miserable, felt completely isolated, lonely, and lost. It is the thing that many people experience but a few of them talk about.

There is a point when you start questioning everything and think about things like: ‘what am I doing, what is the point of my life?’

Remember, the more you think about it, the more confused you feel. And then the more confused you feel, the more clouds of negativity will double your mind, which does not let you move forward as you are poisoned with worries and self-limiting beliefs.

Thus, you begin to doubt and worry about everything, and as time passes you become more negative, self-defeatist, and self-sabotaging. As a result, the positive optimism will completely disappear.

The Massive Reason That Guides You Wrong

Everyone wants to be successful, but the thing you are doing right now maybe was not be your dream.

I read an online book by Michael Gerber called “The E-myth.” In the chapter, primary aims, he wrote:
“Imagine walking into a room in which sat your family and friends. You walk down the centre of the room where you see a box. And as you get in front of the room, you realize that you are in the box and it is your funeral.”
And he says, what kind of things you want people to be saying about the kind of life you lived, the kind of person you were and the things that you achieved?

—— No idea!

The 3 Ds – Decisions Determine Destiny

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The thing you need to understand is that when you don’t have a clue of what to do, the only thing you can do is ask for help and set your sights high.

I came across a quote by Anthony Robbins that says, “Your destiny is determined by the choices you make, choose now, choose well.”

This will make you realize that you are the sole responsible for this misery and for the fact that you were stuck in a rut.

It’s devastating, you are waking up every day; giving so much attention to these awful thoughts, doubts, and worries. You are coming up with incredible ideas and shooting them down!

Be consciously aware of all the things you think about every day. Try to catch yourself when you think negatively, stop yourself, and realize that you have the power to take control over your thoughts rather than letting them control you.

What to Do?

If you want to live a satisfying life and achieve amazing things then you have to get your mind on the same wavelength as you. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Figure out what is the thing you want to achieve?
  2. Why do you want to achieve it?
  3. What does it actually means to you?
  4. What kind of person does that demand you to be?

Figure this out, and lastly, just program your mind for success.

Living an incredible life is no accident, so act accordingly because you just have one life in which you have to achieve everything.

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