Improving yourself is one of the essential factors to living a positive life. Your life is too good if you have a positive mindset. If you’re working on changing depraved habits, corrupt thought patterns, negative emotions, or toxic behavior, know that you are curing a part of this world by healing yourself. Everyone around you will assist, and your entirety will serve them. It’s tough sometimes, and I know you want to quit, but this is the work that ultimately changes the world. Let’s talk more about how to improve yourself.



Failure is disappointing yourself. Failure isn’t measured by what people say, even success. It’s about when you go to sleep at night, how do you feel about yourself? How do you feel about what you did? The day you are overconfident, and you think that you have achieved everything, you’re good and successful. That day your growth begins. You can never be bitter about what happened in the past.

Ups and Downs of Life

Ups and Downs of Life

Everyone goes through good, even bad. Also, there was a time when I wasn’t at peace with myself for it. I feel like some things shouldn’t happen. I think that whatever happens to be good or bad, if it doesn’t happen, I can’t be the person I’m today. When you fall and get up, you learn a lot. But, if you keep standing, you don’t know the cost of falling. And you can’t be that much thankful while standing up. Bad happens so you can appreciate good. When good happens, you can appreciate yourself from where to where you’ve come.

What is Life?

What is LIFE?

Life is a wonderful gift in which we should always keep moving forward and should learn from the past. We should keep growing because we’re alive for a purpose. So, you have to find your purpose. You know we all can sit with sorrows that this or this happened with me, or we should move forward. So, we should move forward. We should gather new experiences. We should explore and travel. Remember that life is full of possibilities, so enjoy it.

How important is Forgiving?

How important is Forgiving?

Forgiveness is very important. We don’t forgive that another person deserves it, but we should forgive others for our peace. Because if you don’t forgive, you can’t move forward. You can never be bitter about what has happened in the past. There should be no bitterness because bitterness affects you a lot. It eats you from inside, and nobody deserves that.

What is Death?


Death is part of life, and it is so final. Every soul has to pass on. We all are standing in a queue – your success and failure are defined in which words people remember you when you leave this world. If they remember with good words, that’s a success.



I think love is inside you. Others do not define it. It’s not about loving XYZ. Love is something within you. Whether you have that strength or not, it does not depend on another person. It’s your capacity to love. You never have to plan love because it happens naturally, it needs a balance, and it needs to resonate with you. I know love happens. You should love others, but first, you’ve to love yourself.

This World is For You

This world is for you

God make this world and its blessings for you so that you should live a happy life. You can make use of those blessings. Because that’s what the Holy Book said: “We have made grains grow out of nothing….” God has given you so much; use it, and give thanks to the Lord. God has given you this world to enjoy. Give Him thanks, pray to Him, but have a good life.





Be Happy, and live a joyful life.

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