The world is totally drenched in the ocean of technology. While technology has availed the human race with many advancements and conveniences, it additionally presents some lamentable consequences for our children.

Wherever you look you will go through the scenery of two to three children watching cartoons or movies on cell phones or tablets.

What Happens With Excessive Use of Devices?

What happens with excessive use of devices?

A child who doesn’t make eye contact during communication is suffering from 50% mental issues! Children turn anti-social, they don’t meet anyone nor go somewhere. They want to spend more time using electronic devices and avoid social interaction. They experience social anxiety due to underdeveloped social skills and are more likely to express feeling bored or unhappy in social areas.

Serious Effects on Mental Health

Serious Effects on Mental Health

Not only can the persistent use of technological devices have a negative impact on the progress of social skills, but it can also affect a child’s mental health. According to one study, it was found that children who persistently use social media were more likely to present with psychological issues such as mania, paranoia, aggressiveness, antisocial behavior, narcissism, etc. Furthermore, studies have shown that children who regularly use the Internet and play video games exhibit more anxiety and depression.

The Killing Action Parents’ Do When They Want Their Child to Eat

The Killing Action Parents’ do when they want their Child to Eat

For example, a child; who is 2–4 years old and the parents want him to eat something. Now focus, what they do is; give him a mobile phone. So, when a child focuses on mobiles the rays directly enter the eye and brain and cause extreme damage to it. Especially, this is the age when they grew and groom, which standstill! They leave eating if you do not show them the phones. Let them do this. But save your children as much as you can! Moreover, if you are busy on your phones while eating, this will have no effect on your health by the food you eat.

Mobiles Are Just Like Slow Poisoning

The mobiles are huge destruction for children. Giving mobile phones to children is equal to slowly poisoning them. The slow poison you are giving to your children is gradually damaging them. I’ve seen many children who can’t even live a minute without phones or tablets. They do not respond. They do not even know what is happening in their surroundings.

The Separate and Remote World

The Separate and Remote Children's World

With excessive use of devices, children forget their activities and make their separate worlds in which they are just lost in mobiles. If you take your child out of his world, he might start crying or shouting. But, for their good, you have to let them cry and shout. If you don’t take the measures now then you have to regret it in the coming time.

Excessive use of Electronic Devices may cause Impairment in the Child’s Skills

This includes taking full charge of actions, exposing good behavior, using thoughtful language, controlling emotions, etc.

A child who overuses electronics may become lonely and fail to develop normal skills such as conversational skills, listening, and making eye contact. The child loses confidence and may also be less attentive.

Effects of Watching too much Television

Effects of Watching too much Television

Research showed that children who spent more of their time playing video games and watching TV had a higher risk of obesity, sleeping problems, and stomach issues. Television watching is not an innovative occupation and can result in a lack of intelligence.

A child may have difficulty entertaining him or herself without electronic devices. These children are less likely to play outdoor games, show a lack of motivation, and have very few hobbies that fascinate them. Research says that watching television abstracts children from reading and increases their desire for materialistic things; thus, decreasing a child’s ability to be patient.

Autism Disorder

Autism Disorder

The factors mentioned above lead to autism spectrum disorder. This can affect the way of communicating, socializing, and processing sights and sounds. Symptoms vary from person to person. Often, a child can have symptoms by the time he is 3 years old. People with ASD need full-time care and attention. Protect your child from the autism disorder before it is too late!

Take Measures to Clamp Down these Mental Issues

Take Measures to Clamp Down these Mental Issues

It is obvious that every house had this problem so, start to make little and positive changes in your child’s life. Make time to spend with each of your children one by one. Set a fixed time that might be one or half an hour in a day when your child plays with these devices. Help build your child’s social skills and other interests.

Be a person you want to see in your children and limit yourself by using electronics in front of your children.

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